#25 Shikoku
88 Temples, Part 1: The Path

#24 Bali
Generations of Shadows

#23 Shanghai
Stencils In Shanghai

#22 San Diego
Polish Easter

#21 El Pantenal
Nicaragua School Project Society

#20 Nicaragua
Indio Viejo

#19 China
Eras Through Morning

#18 China
The Art of Revolution

#17 China
The Dragon's Backbone

#16 Las Vegas
The Strip Flip

#15 China
Riverside Antiquity

#14 New Zealand
Kiwi Whitewater

#13 Nevada
ET Highway

#12 Japan, The
Rafts of Spirits

#11 Poland, Through the Golden Gate

#10 New Orleans, City of the Dead

#09 Japan , Sakura Snapshots

#08 Australia, Isolated Outback

#07 Alaska, Coaching Canines

#06 Paris, France Towers on the Seine

#05 Japan, Kure Stone Souls

#04 Japan, Traditional Patterns

#03 Venice, The Masked City, Part I

#02 Milan,Italy Moto Milan

#01 Japan, The Gateway to Hell

March 2011

e p i s o d e # 26

Videography: Matthew Nothelfer
Photography/Editing: Alicia Wszelaki
Translation: Mieko Yamada

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What you do at a temple, and how you would hope to live your life as a good person is kind of the same.

It's preparation.

It's respect.

It's thinking about what you're doing, and at the end it's saying thank you.

Some temples are tucked away in rice fields. Others are along busy routes and your sharing them with traffic. They are on mountaintops and near oceans. In the beginning you can visit 3-4 a day. After temple 26 you don't see another one for 75 kilometers! That's 3 days for a walking henro.

Incense, bows, wishes, and prayers welcome you at the main gate. Inside the routines and landscapes are similar, but each temple has it's own uniqueness.

The Heart Sutra's rhythmic beat reminds us that existence is transient. Reciting the chant with other henros creates a sense of understanding and oneness.

The 88 temples of Shikoku are spiritual places where pilgrims rest, reflect and pray. Reaching them is their goal. Leaving one and arriving at the next is their reward.

--Henro Alicia