e p i s o d e # 16

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Studio Red Dot jaunts around the world for various clients, and "Red Dot Podcasts" are a result of the photos and video that personally captures our curious and sometimes quirky imagination. These short films include our original music, writing, travel news, travel tips, international culture, media and humor. Enjoy!

The neon lights flashed nonstop, coins dropped into machines, sirens wailed, we heard people cheering and often cursing.

Yup, we were in Las Vegas.

However the strip where we were located on this particular evening was a humble commercial mall located just outside the faux pyramids and counterfeit gondolas. It's a place where nostalgia and art come together: a museum where you leave chance behind, embrace the din, and put your eye-to-hand skills to the ultimate test.

Overwhelmed best describes walking into the Pinball Hall of Fame. Where to begin?

Somewhere between bemusement and nostalgia we managed to find a few machines that returned us to our childhood. Depositing quarter after quarter, it wasn't hard to spend a couple of hours here. And even though I couldnąt manage to get my initials on the TRON hi-score board, I figure I still came out ahead.

Wether your into the classics like pinball or your nostalgic tastes lie in a game of Donkey Kong, it's easy to find something to play in the over 200 machines jammed into this exhibition space.

No matter where your aesthetic falls, this museum has something for everyone.