e p i s o d e # 18

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Propaganda. Communism. Posters. China.

It sounded like something we shouldn't be allow to see, but a western guide book's invitation lay in front of us, written in the familiar detached language of tourist lingo.

Good enough. We went to the corner for a taxi. As with most cab rides in Shanghai, the 20 minute trip took us about 45. Trying his best to dodge the traffic, our diver maneuvered through unmarked streets, pedestrians and bicycles. What little directional ability I had was completely gone within 3 minutes. I was lost. I think our driver was too. Alas, the announcement was made, we had arrived. "I don't live here" was my first thought. We're looking for a museum not an apartment complex. Gesturing, Chi-English, pointing ensues and soon the security guard of the complex enters our circle of confusion and confirms that indeed we are in the right place.

We enter the basement of building B. No signs lead the way but a lady with her laundry points down a small hallway to an unlocked door. We open it and enter the world of Propaganda, Communism style.

With over 5000 prints, the owner Mr. Yang Pei Ming has been collecting his art work for years with the hope of preserving it for generations.

The Propaganda Poster Museum; not an easy to find. But, for the curious, the invitation is always open when exploring Shanghai.