e p i s o d e # 20

Videography: Matthew Nothelfer
Photography, Editing: Alicia Wszelaki
Music: Scott Fox

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Studio Red Dot jaunts around the world for various clients, and "Red Dot Podcasts" are a result of the photos and video that personally captures our curious and sometimes quirky imagination. These short films include our original music, writing, travel news, travel tips, international culture, media and humor. Enjoy!

I heard the baritone of Alfredo yell my name as I was already half way down the street. "Alicia!" he said with a big broad smile. He pointed up to a small grey flag waving above his door. I knew exactly what he meant. Our home for the next week could easily be identified by looking up to a flapping cloth.

For several days I managed to find my host family's street in their neighborhood, but at times the exact address eluded me. I looked up a lot.

But whenever we would eventually wander back into our host family's home we were always rewarded with smiles, impromptu Spanish lessons, games and, most impressively, some of the best food in Granada. Spending the afternoons preparing meals I re-discovered a common universal language: The language of the kitchen. We all worked together cleaning, cutting, serving and washing. It didn't matter if I knew the word for mint, rice, or sauce. The ingredients were Nicaraguan. The instructions were Spanish. The atmosphere was universal. Cooking, laughter and family helped to create a savory recipe that was far more than just the food on the plate.

Alfredo's grey flag hanging above a door became the difference between being just another wandering tourist... and coming home.