e p i s o d e # 5

editing: Matthew Nothelfer
photography: Alicia Wszelaki

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Studio Red Dot travels to many places in the world for our clients. This podcast is a simple opportunity for us to share with you some of the footage, images and thoughts we collect along the way.

Bits of red would jump into the corner of my eye the first time I visited Japan; glimpses around corners and behind modest doorways. I saw that familiar color again on my second trip. I began to look closer at the vibrant crimson hats and bibs adorning cherubean stones. On my third visit to Japan, the personal exploration of various faces, sizes, shapes and meanings of the "Jizo" intrigued and impressed me even more. "Who would take the time to warm these humble stones?"

I learned more. I asked people about the meanings and I even found myself reaching for my camera every time I can across one.

I was reaching for my camera a lot.

Once I inquired, it did not take long for me to learn that Jizo are a very special part of Japanese culture. They offer protection from evil, comfort for losses and hope for our dreams. Now when I see the statues I am comforted. I am reassured by their faces. I know their meanings. I understand their power. We continue our Japanese photo series this month and our second edition shares with you the color, the faces, the clothing and the meanings of Jizo. A special thank you to Kyoko Yanaso, who's help, enthusiasm, and quest for knowledge helped make this episode possible.