e p i s o d e # 9

Videography, Editing: Matthew Nothelfer

Photography: Alicia Wszelaki

Hosts: Alicia Wszelaki, Noriko Karasaki

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Studio Red Dot jaunts around the world for various clients, and "Red Dot Podcasts" are a result of the photos and video that personally captures our curious and sometimes quirky imagination. These short films include our original music, writing, travel news, travel tips, international culture, media and humor. Enjoy!

Pink petals of velvet snow shrouded the April morning. I witnessed the wind carry soft pastel folds across the skies... and as they covered the ground in a light blanket of pink. Sakura snow.

This season of warm color continued to romance me in a torrid yet all-too-brief liaison. The petal pathways on the ground were leading to the end, but the dawning of my new love affair was still a fresh recollection.

My first Cherry Blossom season started when I overheard some ladies telling each other they had spotted an opening bud on a tree near National Hospital, their voices full of temporal excitement. Eager to see for myself I grabbed a camera and headed out. Discovering the location, my courtship began. I photographed every stage of the trees transformation, from tiny florets to full blossoms and finally green leaves. But the most memorable time was towards the end of the engagement as the flowers began to drop and envelop the ground, creating a sensual cloak of snowflake blossoms.

Some consider it sad to see such a relationship end, but impermanence infatuates me. And two weeks after arrival, this new suitor was gone. My Sakura had moved northward, charming anew. Vanished, but leaving my restive ardor behind, anticipating the next embrace.